Monday, 1 December 2008

Goodbye to a genuine Mauritian citizen

Abaim would like to express to you all its deepest sympathy and condolences after the tragic death of Mr Chaitlall Gunness in Mumbai's Taj Hotel attacks.

We are all still in a state of shock at what has happened to CEO C.Gunness, the last supporter of our action in favour of cultural heritage in Mauritius. We have indeed lost in Mr Gunness a genuine Mauritian citizen eager at working for the development of the Mauritian identity through cultural action.

The short moment we have known Mr Gunness will forever live in the collective memory of our organisation.

In this moment of troubling intensity, may all of us reaffirm our commitment to reject all acts of fundamentalist barbary and actively participate in the creation of humanity across mother-earth.

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myramir said...

rien à dire, que des larmes,
stop à l'horreur,