Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Be Happy - Jewellery Workshop by Ravi

Why do we wear jewels ?
What is jewellery making ? and What can be used to manufacture jewels ? and then
How to make jewels ?

The first "waoh" workshop by Ravi Jetshan from Ravior... started some weeks ago...

Bet there can be a collection at the end of this training programme !!!?

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Selebrasion fet travay

Si ena enn dat ki tou dimounn kone dan Moris, se byin zourne 1 Me. Sa zour la byin mediatize avek partou meeting, rasanbleman, etc.

Dan ABAIM, nou finn swazir pou selebre sa zour la otour nou bann mamb ek sinpatizan ek ousi tou zanfan Saturday Care.

Nou finn swazir kom tem "REALITE ZANFAN DAN TRAVAY".

Donk, sa zedi la, tou zanfan lor sekter depi byin boner pou donn enn koudme instal sez, latab, ti manze ki nou pou partaze apre.

Antretan, Ben ek Gilbert pe fer balans son... A Wi!!! pa zis koze ki pou ena, zoli lamizik pou antrekoup dan ti latelye ki pou roule.

13.30: lakey pe bat plin, bann cameraman MBC deza anplas. Marousia "donne le ton" avek sante Zozom...

Zozom pou ti laz ki to ena
To kouraz sarye twa
Sak pa to fer sak gout to laswer
Met soley dan lerer...

Gilbert, prezidan lasosiasion, apre enn mo byinveni, explik deroulman lazourne.

Dany repran avek enn baleyaz bann sif lor sitiasion reel bann zanfan ki travay dan lemond.

Lafoul grandi tipa tipa... nou kamarad Marcel azout so bann komanter pou fer reazir bann zanfan ki dan lasistans.

Apre enn ti poz kaspoz dan lonbraz pye mang, enn ti siro ek samoussa, nou repran avek sitiasion bann zanfan ki travay dan Moris. Alain donn enn vizion kler sa sitiasion la.

A! bizin mansionn sante "NOU TRAVAY" ki ti enn leitmotiv nou lazourne. Dan sa sante la, nou ena tou zouti ki bann travayer servi:

(premye kouple)
Pyos, pik, rato, panye
Sizay, bouret, larozwar, lars, lans


Contribution from one of the participants - Kelly 15 yrs old

I spent my May Day 2008 at Abaim. All my friends were present for this special occasion.I was very excited because, I really wanted to know how the adults faced the hard reality of working life. There were many children of the Saturday Care' and some parents were also present.Danniella presided the ceremony,and in between there were some people who talked and sang
Daniella talked about all sorts of violence which children faced and endured at their very little age.The Mauritius BroadCasting Corporation members were present too, in order to report it later on. They have also interviewed Danniella .I was really enjoying myself.The discussion about children at work was quite intreresting, also shocking.
Then some refreshments and snacks were offered outside under the mango tree.The children brought some diffrent types to share among all the guess in Abaim. They were simply delicious.Songs were about the theme of children at work. Finally, it was a really enjoyable and fascinating day, because I had learned many things related to the working life. This to tell you frankly, I can say that I am not ready to afford the life of work!!!
From Sexiikel