Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pare  pou lansman albem ‘nomm mwa sega tipik’ par group Abaim  ?

11 Sante ek 2 instrimantal dan diversite lamizik sega tipik

13 Ilistrasion fotografik bann morso atraver lexpresion vivan lavwa, lekor, linstriman ek mouvman ladans

1 livre fotografik avek bann sante e enn analiz mizikal sak morso

500 kopi enn Edision Spesial Nimerote avek prezantwar dibwa

Monday, 14 July 2014

The lady behind ' Lame la Kone '

Putting our hands together for a smart  lady!

She is Diana Heise and for the past two year has been working hard with the abaim team on projects in connection with the ravann and the sega tipik music. One of these projects was  indeed presented
at Star cinema at Bagatelle on 24th June this year.

Diana, who is by profession an academic from Kansas city University in the States, has produced a documentary film on the fabrication of a ravann (the mauritian hand drum) after the research carried out by abaim.

The screening of the film was for sure a marking event in the process abaim started some 26 years back  when its members initiated the first 'lekol ravann' in Mauritius. This film, besides its symbolic achievement as far as the instrument is concerned, highlights to the fullest, a number elements of our intangible heritage that pertains to first hand knowledge from ordinary people.

Emotional Serge Lebrasse stating that he can now leave as he will be happy to share to his friend Ti Frer what he has seen.
Playing the Ravann, a symbol of resistance at the opening of the screening -  Diana in harmony with other members of Abaim.