Monday, 10 November 2008


Banane - A new Year - La nouvelle Année - New single to be released

... For all those people who inspired us:

...Tens of children who had since 1998 enlightened Saturday Care of ABAIM,

Fellow Blind and Partially-Sighted and other differently abled members of the abaim’s family,

The community who cherishes and work in the name of bio-diversity,

Lovers of the human's rights,

Speakers of the Mauritian Kreol Language and those who stand proudly by it’s side,

The elders who have passed on our cultural heritage,

Sponsors who believe in the beauty of unity,

Mauritians in the Indian Ocean and Mauritius outside our boundaries,

Each and everyone living on planet Earth who believes that tommorow can bring a new paradigm,

and for

You, blogger who has been since April 2004 a witness of the birth of this single
… a stepping stone to our next album due for release in March 2009.

We are pleased to give back what we have received… free love

through a free download

the very 1st one of Mauritius.

Thank you to have made this possible !

Visit our website for your free download as from Wednesday 12th November.


sexiikel said...

Mo at pu presid sa lansman la et vu ki mo sante prefere mo pe atan a ski mo ala oter...Viv banane banane!!!!
Sa sante ey fran fran tou ayoooo mari la bonne sa:)
Ba...Ba...Ba...Zoli lambians taler...

Paul Lan said...

Felicitation a zot tous, mo finn gagne okasion zordi pou guet clips la, mari top, mo ti toujours dir ki ein bon la musique c kan cela faire nou zigiler lors nou chaise, pa koner couma nou osi bouger par nou meme pou participe dans sa ambiance la, c sa la bonne musique, bravo, en + avek zot joli la voix la c cool, pli A+ enkor c gratis ha ha double bravo zot tou ainsi ki bann derriere le rido.