Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Fire for the drums by Christopher and Gian!


The weather is so nice outside... except for the whole bunch of people that I can hear moving recklessly through the door of the tiny admin door of Abaim! This wind is still blowing too hard! Aaarrghh! Can't believe I would one day be listening to the wind each evening and then ... be able to hear it saying " Not for tonight dear! there's still work for me to do ... I can't rest yet! Still! I've been trying to negotiate that he leaves for a little "dodo" for just 2 or 3 hours. Niet ! Getting us all so nervous.

Hmmm.. Nervous ?!! Not all of us! Quincy cheers her pals up
Just can't wait anymore! Will try to record, against all odds ! Na!...Kelly gets ready to go outside while Ketty listens to the last instructions.
Getting ready under the Flame tree just outside our Centre.
"Ca tourne", hurle Filou. It was about time...

Yahoooooooooooooooooooooo !

Despite this very unkind meteorological conditions, we start off with one talking about nature and the misery of the sailors when the ship "Labouldana" caught fire !

Song Labouldana: "Misye Telor t'yenn gran marson - pey zouvriye bomarse - ala rezon 6 liv 5 sou pou kass lewi dan lanpwaz"

With dummy "Vincent" the drums' recorder, his laptop and other materials brought in his suitcases, Filou has built his nest right in the gymnasium of ABAIM. Is that not "Le Paradis" ?

The fire is now fiercefully spreading to Group Abaim and our visitors and friends who visits us everynight ... Marcel Poinen, artist and Jerry Layduhur, photographer were there.

Take 1, Take 11... another more.

All smiles after the 3rd take.

J’espère que les magnifiques photos de Jerry vous font plaisir.

Stop Press - Stop Press - Stop Press

10 songs have been recorded by Sunday the 7th!!!!
Promise I'll tell you more about this euhh.. miracle, tomorrow!!! Watch out

Bizoudou to all, as would say my Aurelie

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