Wednesday, 16 December 2009

An exciting Youth Camp - Day 1

Arrival 11/12 @14h45 & warm welcome by Bernard Li. while some scouts are busy lifting the first camping tent. Big up guys for your tremendous help!

Juliette looks worried that going to be a memorable camp ?

Waoh... there is much to do now... think it's better to wear my training shoes....
Jake & Stephan look sceptical whereas Clifford is the coolest guy on earth... mmh I mean, on this camp site

Hey Christopher, that one is a bit too small for you !

Smiling Keshya, Anais and Avathea, testing their camping tent
Varsha & Crystel already in for a Good Night !

1 comment:

Esthel said...

Ti extra byen pase sa Kampe la.. Mem si mo finn vinn enn zue apre, monn byen apresye!