Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas in our hearts

Bolom Nwel pe desann lor baz :-) Merry Christmas to you all.
On this Christmas day, many will rejoice but some are crying...
for the lost job that they have just been made aware of, for the unpaid bonus that they have been struggling for, for the not too good health, for lost parents, for this gift that is too expensive for thy child, for love that's been lost.... May we live in a world of justice so that we may live the joy of Christmas.

Special thoughts to those who follow this blog, our dear ones who are far away from the sunshine and this land.. you remain in our hearts and are remembered here. Dear kelly, Roody , Michaella, Filou, Fidy, Tim and friends, Merry Christmas to you ... keep smiling. !

For you and for the world, enjoy the last video clip recorded Rudolph the red nosed reindeer - Ridolf ti enn serf nene rouz, directed by Sanjay Ghoorah, a production of the MBC-TV. Well done Sanjay&team !

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Anonymous said...

Elo a tous ici Will mo trouve tou ban foto la bien joli ek mo trouver ki zot p bien amizer domage moi mo p travail mo pense zot bien 4 gros bizu