Friday, 13 March 2009

The young ones!

All children are born immensely powerful creative human beings.
Delvine Larhubarbe, the pirate in "Salame Bismila".

William, the dancing bachelor of "Baltazar".

O'Brian Polidor,here acting the hero in "Laboutik an Tol" whilst moving and playing with the theatre-like decor comprising of movable metal sheets.

Our Keshya playing the duck in "kanar".

Stephane Polidor, second drum player did it!
1h30 minutes on stage for the "ReKreasyon"!!

In fact children are born, geniuses... It is up to the society to decide if they are given the right conditions for their creativity to flourish...


ESTHEL said...

WAI Bann zenn abaim ena boku potansyel..alalila zot!!! nunn rekolte fri nu travay e mo extra kontan.. gros bizu a touu ze vou aime!

Anonymous said...

... ek lerla 10an apre, lasosyete dir ki zot finn fer uswa ki zot pann fer...

ki lasosyete inn prevwar pu ankuraz bann zanfan la reve ek krwar dan zot rev?

ala kot nu tu ena pu azir si nu anvi ki nu bann zanfan kontinye exprim zot zeni ek kontinye fer bann zoli zafer...

enn gran zanfan :)