Monday, 12 January 2009

On resuming

Tragedy … This beginning of the year is tragic …
The bloodshed in Gaza is worsening with over 259 children reported to have died. Terrified civilians have no escape from this prison-like enclave - the borders have been sealed. Leaders, everywhere, except the outrageous, Bush's US , stood up … and cried for a ceasefire. Let us hope that the pressure becomes unanimous and irresistible

Here also we had had a number of casualties since the end of year festivities begun… tragic deaths of children also.. the last ones… only yesterday, when two angels, Melanie and Anastasia died in their modest home in Sainte Croix when their bedsheet caught fire from a candle placed besides their bed, propagating the fire to little house.

Year 2009
and still people are dying because of war, because of extreme poverty ?
Who will stop it ?
We can...
Yes we can
... make a difference by saying
Enough is Enough!

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myramir said...

I agree with you, and here some people died fron hunger and in a totally misery.
In France we heard a little 6 year girl, has to stay outside the school in 6 degrees cold because one of the responsable forgot to write her name on the list for getting a warm diner !
it's injustice.