Saturday, 12 April 2008

The Right to Play...

At last.. the holidays.
Saturday, the 5th of April.
Playtime wouldn't you agree ?
However, that is not the case for the majority of our children in Mauritius.
Aarggh! They are still indulging in private tuition for one whole week, when not for both weeks. Shame ! Shame ! Shame !
That is why, at ABAIM, the very first Saturday Care activity following the end of the 1st semester, was a bit special...
Children rushed in as usual at 13h00. But the door of the Centre at Beau Bassin was kept closed and instead we all walked some ? kms ( don't know the exact distance ) to Balfour Garden, some 30 minutes away.

Large space of greens & Pure Oxygen, Birds & Tortoises, waterfalls, swings & other games... 3 hours were not sufficient. But at least, it was a nice kick-off for the holidays !

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