Sunday, 13 May 2007

Apre zis enn mwa!

Enn mwa tusel inn passe depi ki nou'nn ouver nou blog!

11 lartik (posts)
270 viziter
49 lavil ou vilaz
16 pei

lyin ek enn lot lasosyasyon ki okip zanfan an detres
lyin avek blog enn gran inzenyer son depi Belgique ki finn fek anrezistre 3 morso abaim an live (ena 3 but video tu!)
enn update omwin enn fwa lasemenn
bann kontribisyon lor plan kiltirel ki pa zwenn suvan

ala seki lasosyasyon Abaim ete!

ki u dir? serye pa serye?

Zwenn nu u osi pu sa gran lanrisisman limanite la!

Mersi e Salam,


1 comment:

marousia said...

I am over the moon with these news. Happy Anniversary to our Blog

- To our 271 Friends, Sympathizers – thank you for the support you are bringing us just by clicking the mouse..
- To the Unknown people – thank you for reaching out to us. More than 600 visits to-date is more than we expected.
- To the People who left a comment – thank you for blowing on this fire, helping to keep it alight. We cannot wait to hear from you again.
- To Daniella, Alain - thank you for your enthusiasm, commitment and your enlightening posts - 12 , an average of 3 posts per week . Fantastic ! as I know how that 24 hours a day is barely sufficient for people who have so many obligations like you.
- To Tyeri – thank you for your enthusiasm and sensitivity. And above all thank you for being a creative with no regular office hour ! A night owl getting the job done in the shadow hours !
- To our Members – thank you for giving us food for thought , thus nurturing the blog.
- To Humanity – thank you for letting us believe in you.

Best of luck to everybody.