Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The little boy and the Maravann.

I had never seen him before though … he looked just like the other little heroes I meet every “Saturday Care” and other times when I stroll throughout the Site. I recalled.. he was already there when I reached Sant ABAIM that Saturday…. a month ago.

Early that day, an enormous tent was planted in the middle of the yard and the sound equipments were sitting there longing to cry out some loud music. Jake, Laura, and the little guys greeted me as I walked my way through the yard. Inside our Centre, Chantal was busy getting the karay ready to cook the nicest local snacks, gato pima and others… but where was Zak ? There, running in all directions, ... Quite a typical atmosphere of a normal activity day waiting to be borne at Abaim’s centre , Colonel Maingard Road – Beau Bassin.

During all this time, through his little black eyes, my little friend was impregnating himself of this ambiance. At times, he would leave his chair and help out freely with some minor task…

And then, the musical instruments were brought from the centre to the podium for sound check purposes and I saw his gaze, It just froze… I saw him walking straight towards the guitar, and I felt a shiver… a guitar is so delicate you know… a knock down and it can be finished…but what was he doing… No, he just passed off the guitar, behind the drums…. Was it the Chinese keyboard that attracted him … Oops ! Ah Noo will go wild … he re-appeared, now behind the keyboards .

And looked at it for some seconds, bowed down, took it in his hands, and slowly moved it from left to right, to hear the song of it’s flower beads…. Held it one side and swap it to the other, again and again, the song of this beautiful percussion, the song of the “Maravann”… getting chaotic sound now… well, it’s not an easy instrument to play as it seems.

“Please leave it now… we can’t hear ourselves sound-checking” shouted Zak.

By that time, tables were set in the yard for the 1st activity to start – the making of musical instruments out of recycled materials… papers, cans...

Little heads suddenly gathered around the tables and the session began… First, he looked from a distance and then walking down slowly came nearer the table, pooked at what was going up and could not resist . He made up his ravann with the help of Natacha, Kelly and Aurelie and even draw the logo of ABAIM on it… added his name underneath, looked at it proudly and went back under the tent to grasp a look at his maravann.

In the meantime, guests and members poured in.

Playing the masters of ceremonies, Quincy and pal Julie entertained the public on what was going in the workshops…. Shirley Chumroo from the MBC –Radio was also there making frequent directs over the air…

The children were the stars that day. Ti Moumoune, Jefferson, Megane, Aurelie, Quincy , Delvine went solo.... big applause from the crowd.

Christopher Amurat gave us a special version of I’m Yours – the tube from Mraz… and Daniel Delord sang one of the finest sega I recalled from my childhood memories … “Celia” accompanied by our youngsters… “ Pa laraz” Daniel!
The magic of music from Marclaine, renowned traditional instrumentalist, gave his special version of Ti Fler Fane on the Chun Ren…. Chorus’d by the crowd…
accompanied by Kelly who could not help taking her ravann. 2 generation – 1 spirit
Ah-Noo and friends from the Chinese Cultural Centre followed with Salame Bismilla and Gato Koko, played on Chinese instruments…. A delight! There were very young children as well as adults and even mauritians studying abroad on holidays in the group…
Who else …. Christopher with father Judex Grenade and pals, all wearing Ray Bans and beating the drums like 1 person, offered a pot-pourri of sega…
Richard Beaugendre accompanied Daniella through a guitar instrumental for a slam and offered some of his deep-rooted songs. He was joined later on by a talented trumpeter for a magical improvisation.
Karen and group “Zanfan Lakaz”, nice name hey ! took over for some delicacies.
When Marcel Poinen offered us Anita, accompanied by ABAIM crew, my little friend joined us. Without forgetting his Maravann… choking all the beads… I had to tell him to cool down every now and then because the rhythm was off-beat… I hated to do that …’cause he was looking so sad, but he obeyed ,well just for few seconds... before increasing the tempo again… That was delirious…

Watch out for the little boy and his maravnn... whilst Ah-Noo and friends from the Chinese Cultural Centre jams with Group ABAIM.

It was already 4 o’clock and we had sadly to end off this day.
I saw him walking away – happy with the others, and suddenly.. couldn’t help himself to turn back running to the “maravann’ grasping it with a last embrace.

Another of those “ordinary’ celebrations of Special days… No. I guess no ordinary celebration.

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lil orel said...

oh...... he's so cute and 'funny' zis little boy. I have the feeling zat he is very enthosiastic and passionate about musical instruments. oh... zis little boy,he is as curious,as Tizan....♪♪☺♪♪